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Jurors moved to tears as medical examiner describes 8-year-old's gruesome death.
Political controversy ahead of the men's Final Four in Indianapolis this weekend
At the funeral for Margarita Su??rez in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico, there was a pack of stray dogs who came inside the funeral home and stood guard.
Two men dressed as women attempted to ???penetrate??? NSA entry point, officials said.
Top legislators say it won't mean denial of services to gays and lesbians
Indiana House Speaker 'disappointed' in Gov. Mike Pence after "This Week" interview.
Prosecutors in Germany said today that the co-pilot of the downed Germanwings plane had been treated by a psychotherapist because of previous suicidal tendencies.
Top medical center has refused to discuss internal review of suspended program.
University of Mary Washington rugby team suspended; officials cite offensive-chant recording
Air Canada passenger plane landed so short of Halifax runway it knocked out airport's power
Obama suggests politicians carry themselves more like Kennedy at dedication of institute
Amazon.com's new home referral service covers everything from housecleaning to goat grazing
Hillary Clinton says US-Israel relationship needs to return to 'constructive footing'
Toll from faulty General Motors ignition switches rises to 77 deaths, 141 injuries
Knox's ex-beau after acquittal: Felt like I was kidnapped for 7 years, treated like a killer
Iran Guard says US drone killed 2 of its advisers in Tikrit; US denies claim
Confidential list of behaviors used by TSA agents for screening was recently leaked online.
Selena's father has mixed feelings about events marking 20-year anniversary of singer's death
Country star has been married to Carl Thomas Dean for nearly 49 years.
Meet the next generation of stars.
Aldean and Kerr got married in Mexico just over a week ago.
Say it ain't so Hugh! Hugh Jackman, the man who has embodied Wolverine since 2000, is moving on.
Some celebrities never seem to age.
Last night, it wasn't a big name like John Cena or Brock Lesnar that walked away with the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 31, it was Seth Rollins.
Miley Cyrus Through the Years
A list of some fatal US church van crashes since 2010
Cuddyer hits 6th spring home run, Duda homers and drives in 5 as Mets beat Marlins 7-1
Pennsylvania judge rules again that Joe Paterno's family can't sue NCAA for breach of contract
Wild things: Cleveland Indians enjoying fun under Arizona sun as they get ready for season