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A family was getting ready to take a photo when the deck collapsed, police say.
Here were some highlights of July 4th festivities around the nation.
What you should know about the mind-body connection.
Greece votes on high-stakes bailout referendum with opinion polls showing evenly split nation
Residents evacuated as large wildfire threatens homes in Northern California
Kentucky authorities say 2 people dead, 3 missing after pontoon boat capsizes in Ohio River
US-led coalition carries out series of deadly strikes targeting IS militants in Raqqa
Royal family gathers for Princess Charlotte's christening at church on queen's estate
On Friday, a Carnival cruise ship spotted the stranded passengers.
Woman known for trying to sneak on planes arrested in Chicago again at airport security
The Latest: Pope Francis flies to South America on 9-day trip, brings message of hope to poor
The annex outlines which U.S. and international sanctions will be lifted.
On this Fourth of July, law enforcement is fully deployed from Los Angeles to D.C.
"My mind became blank" after scratching off the ticket.
Bodies of 2 men, 1 woman found in 2 houses in coastal Maine town; believed to be same family
The incident occurred in Louisiana???s Sabine Parish.
Authorities say all 66 riders safely evacuated after 400-foot Ferris wheel in Florida stops
Russian cargo ship delivers long-awaited supplies to International Space Station
Bush says he takes Trump's immigration remarks personally, calls them outside GOP mainstream
Parents of woman slain at San Francisco pier focused on healing, not sanctuary law
Arizona prison hit with 3rd disturbance by inmates in 4 days; prison has troubled history
5-year-old girl killed after sturgeon jumps into boat along Florida river
Ohio community seeks clues, fights fears after 6 down-on-luck women vanish; 4 turn up dead
Explosive device injures 6 teens at California house party; 5 of them are hospitalized
How to avoid getting sick this summer.
Abandoned Sofas Inspire Photographer Series
Clinton reaches out (and out and out!) to craft policy ideas for 2016 presidential campaign
Dartmouth contests showcase computer-generated literature, poetry, music sets
Egypt's currency has fallen to a new low against the dollar, its second drop since Thursday
Agricultural use of drones about to take off after being grounded by lack of federal rules