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Police said the man "rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket."
The sister of the shooting victim called police for help but informed them that her brother was unarmed.
An employee in the mail room noticed the package.
The girl was last seen disembarking the school bus Tuesday at 2:45 p.m.
Congress is sending President Barack Obama a bill to keep the government operating through Dec. 9 and provide $1.1 billion in long-delayed funding to battle the Zika virus
Nathan Carman, the 22-year-old rescued after eight days at sea, said today that he was not responsible for the death of his mother who disappeared when the boat sank.
The Libertarian candidate couldn't immediately name a foreign leader.
The bank at the center of a major scandal doesn't appear to be an outlier.
An international team of investigators released its findings.
A man suspected in a pair of Dallas-area killings was in the country illegally and had been deported three times to Mexico, U.S. immigration officials said Wednesday
The democratic senator tweeted that she and other senators were 'concerned.'
Congress has approved legislation outlining a federal bill of rights for survivors of sexual assault
Sources say that Trump should have participated in mock debates.
Congress allows survivors and families of those killed on 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the attack.
The unidentified black man was shot and killed by police in El Cajon, California.
Two men who grabbed a suitcase that once carried explosives are not believed to be suspects.
Over the past month, voter registration databases in states across the United States have continued to come under cyberassault by hackers, FBI Director James Comey warned lawmakers today.
Former college soccer coach Oral "Nick" Hillary was found not guilty today in the murder of Garrett Phillips, the 12-year-old son of his ex-girlfriend.
In Iowa, the GOP nominee asked for all the non-conservative Christians to raise their hands.
Trump claimed family farmers might have to pay a 65 percent tax.
Donald Trump refuses to let the American people see his tax returns but the New York businessman has turned over the documents when it suited him
ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about.
Tropical Storm Matthew just formed in the Caribbean producing heavy rain and already nearing hurricane strength.
Some evacuations were lifted Wednesday as firefighters, aided by cooler weather, held back the progress of a wildfire burning through bone-dry brush and threatening hundreds of structures in California's Santa Cruz Mountains
America faces a backlash for letting citizens sue countries for terror links.