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A memo released by WikiLeaks shows the fundraising efforts by Clinton advisers.
With some controversies abating, Trump supporters are ramping up vote intention.
The election is having a negative impact on the brand, experts said.
A University of Virginia attorney asked a student who claimed in a Rolling Stone story that she was gang-raped to disavow the article after it was published
America's top intelligence official echoed many experts when he said there was little chance that North Korea would shut down its nuclear weapons program.
The company claimed 317 million active monthly users during the third quarter.
The first lady and Clinton will appear at a rally in Winston-Salem, NC.
A private Berlin museum has unveiled a replica of part of the bunker where Adolf Hitler spent the final phase of World War II
State violation reports say three staffers at a private school for children with special needs in Philadelphia restrained and punched a 17-year-old student, who eventually died, after he became aggressive.
BYU students will no longer be investigated for possible violations.
Thomas opened up about his views at event held in his honor.
Comes as they opened their latest hotel in D.C.
The possible first lady talks about the youngest Trump child.
They sat down with George Stephanopoulos in D.C.
Richard Hoagland told his wife he was going to the hospital and never came back.
A fire tore through an entire apartment building and burst through the roof.
ISIS set fire to a sulfur plant in Iraq and it's visible from space.
Man shot dead after stabbing guard at US Embassy in Kenya, police official says
Saudi Arabia has been bombing the Houthis and their allies in Yemen since 2015.
Ebro Darden describes how it's not the popular vote, but the Electoral College that officially elects the president.
With all the talk about experience and the need for candidates to seem presidential, you might be surprised to learn there are actually only a few qualifications to become president. Ebro Darden explains.
Lara Spencer breaks down how presidential politics can sometimes feel like a family reunion.
The president will campaign for Hillary Clinton and Democrats down the ticket.