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Authorities release body cam video showing a cop killing a man during stop.
A mysterious airplane part that washed ashore on La Reuni??n Island has MH370 buffs wondering if it could be a section of the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared.
Walter Palmer, the American dentist who acknowledged hunting and killing Cecil, a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, is now the one being hounded on the Internet.
Alexander Ciccolo accused of planning Boston Marathon-style attack.
Announcement made as Kabul, Taliban engage in peace talks.
Clinton responds to recently videos released by opponents of Planned Parenthood.
???His life has spiraled out of control,??? said Rosen???s attorney.
A daycare in Houston is apologizing to parents for leaving their baby alone after the daycare closed.
Chicago man cleared of murder after 17 years in prison shot and killed during altercation
Victoria Siegel died last month at the age of 18.
Feds: New York man tried to support Islamic State group, talked about his jihadi beliefs
Attorneys for accused Charleston church shooter ask judge to let them out of other cases
The DOJ accused Rep. Chaka Fattah of participating in a racketeering conspiracy.
Emoticons aren't just a silly way to express oneself ??? members of Congress are using them to make political points.
Microsoft really wants to make Windows 10 omnipresent in the lives of its users.
Defense Secretary Carter: Successful Iran nuclear deal preferable to military strike
South Carolina mother charged with burying newborn son in her backyard; death ruled a homicide
One transportation official thinks so.
They reveal what they've learned about each other since "The Bachelorette."
"I just love food," he said. "I love fried chicken and cheese."
NASA's next Mars lander won't even launch until next year, but the space agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is making a big move today to get ready.
Delta's latest upgrade is even better than first class.
Demi Lovato took to Twitter to open up about the loss of her beloved dog Buddy, who died last week.
Mexico declares 1st 'alert' for central state to combat killings, disappearances of women
Roger Federer withdraws from next month's Rogers Cup hard-court tournament in Montreal
US official: Debris in photo belongs to the same type of aircraft as missing Malaysia plane
US man who founded orphanage returns to Haiti after US jury awards him millions in damages
Investigation begins of what made tall pine fall in California park, seriously hurting kids
Virginia trucker claims $92 million Mega Millions prize at Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters
Stars heat up the beach and pool in their barely-there swimwear.