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At least 36 people have been killed and 147 others injured.
A cloud of dust and debris immediately filled the Ataturk Airport terminal.
Turkish official says at least 36 killed in Istanbul airport attack.
Trump campaigned in Ohio and Clinton in California.
A freelance journalist for ABC News was returning from his honeymoon in Greece.
An attack left at least 28 dead and 60 injured at Ataturk airport.
Mexico had cleared the way for his extradition.
She was hospitalized in critical condition. No one else was shot.
Toyota is recalling 1.43 million vehicles globally for defective air bags that aren't part of the massive recalls of Takata air bags
A $1B bill to address the Zika crisis fell apart on the Senate floor today.
Authorities are investigating what the freight cars were carrying.
Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says he'll try to block Senate consideration of a bill that would requiring nationwide labeling of food with genetically modified products
The pro-EU event was canceled after more than 50,000 people signed up.
Authorities say two women are dead following a shooting at the entrance of a courthouse in eastern Arizona
Federal investigators say an engine cylinder was damaged on a vintage World War II plane that crashed last month into the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, killing its pilot
Voters reacted to Trump's apparent tweak in the language on the ban.
Studies have shown that annual pelvic exams may not do much to save lives.
Scotty Moore, the pioneering rock guitarist who played on "Hound Dog" and other early Elvis Presley hits, has died
A former Ohio State University drum major instructor who pleaded guilty to a sexual battery charge over an encounter with a student is set for sentencing Wednesday in Columbus
Students at one New York college are taking to social media to tackle terrorism
The report capped a 2-year investigation.
But he's unlikely to reach Ted Cruz-like appeal, Gallup finds.
After Orlando shooting, experts tackle link between mental health and gun crime.
A Supreme Court decision clarifying the boundaries between illegal conduct and what's merely unseemly among elected officials will almost certainly be used by others to argue that politicians have broader leeway in what's permissible
“They surprised us at my daughter’s 10th birthday party," the dog's owner said.
The window is small and the strategy tricky, but GOP leaders say there's a chance to change the North Carolina law that sparked a clash over transgender rights
EU leaders are meeting without Britain for the first time to rethink their union and keep it from disintegrating after Britain's unprecedented vote to leave
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Asian stock markets were sharply higher on Wednesday following overnight rallies on Wall Street and in Europe as worries about stepping into the era of uncertainty following Britain's referendum eased