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One of the last people to see Renisha McBride before she was shot to death testified that the teen appeared scared and disoriented after she crashed into a parked car.
A teenage boy from Indiana who was flying around the world with his father on a single engine plane was killed when their plane crashed earlier today.
The accused heroin dealer who officials say provided a handgun to the alleged Boston Marathon bombers told police last year that he did drugs himself to cope with his close link to the deadly twin explosions, a police report and law enforcement sources said.
As the grounding of American air carriers flying to Israel was extended today, one major Israeli airline says it’s braving potential rocket attacks to fly home to Tel Aviv – an airline that’s one of the only ones in the world boasting high-tech anti-missile defenses.
Two Ukrainian military jets were shot down today according to Ukrainian defense officials who charged that they were downed by missiles fired from the Russian side of the border.
Solemn ceremony held as 40 bodies from jetliner shot down in Ukraine return to Dutch soil
Police make second gun-related arrest at the Cannon building in six days.
Lockdown ends at Little Rock air base after 'suspicious person' report, cause of alarm unclear
Official: 6 indicted in ring that took over 1K StubHub accounts for tickets to prime events
City officials in Somerset, Kentucky, about 70 miles south of Lexington, say they have responded to 'big business' by opening a taxpayer-supported gas station for the public with the purpose of driving down pump prices.
A passenger plane trying to land at a Taiwan airport in stormy weather in the tail end of a typhoon crashed and killed 47 people, authorities said.
The mayor of a Netherlands city has apologized for suggesting Russian president Vladimir Putin's daughter should be kicked out of the country.
Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan has been called a national hero.
American youth circus group is stuck in Israel because of FAA flight ban. The kids are thrilled.
New Jersey man convicted of stabbing ex-wife 84 times, covering her face with pig mask
Cruz blasted the hit HBO show for being "misogynist and profanity-ridden."
Is all this play date scheduling hampering spontaneity for our kids? One dad blogger thinks so and suggests we banish the play date all together.
There’s only one sure way to test a bear-resistant trash can, and that’s to watch a bear try to get into it.
Living near LeBron James' home outside of Cleveland, Ohio has its perks: cupcakes, for starters.
Justin Bieber is grabbing the attention of police yet again. Beverly Hills Police responded to six calls last weekend from Bieber's neighbors complaining of loud parties and disruptive fans, police told ABC News.
Singer admits to vices and reveals why she sometimes smokes on stage.
Meet the next generation of stars.
Qualifying medalist Angel Yin advances to second round in US Girls' Junior
Texas governor's deployment of troops to border echoes previous push amid election concerns
Seattle police study first 6 months under new pot law and find poverty, race matter
S&P says regulators considering action against it over mortgage securities ratings in 2011
Failure to launch? Auditors say NASA doesn't have enough money to build big rockets on time
US Fish and Wildlife proposes limiting trade of 5 snake species, including boa constrictor