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There are quite a number of people who could fit the bill.
The SEAL killed was part of a rescue force.
Clinton faces an uphill battle in Appalachia, a growing base for Trump.
President Obama is visiting Flint for the first time since the outbreak of the city's water crisis.
The North Carolina law has been controversial from the beginning.
Sanders’ win shows Clinton still has a long road ahead.
Senior Trump advisers said the road to a victory in November began today.
The Ohio governor will make a statement in Ohio later today.
Pearl Love, a transgender woman living in New York City, said she is hoping to "raise awareness about the daily violence trans people face" through sharing the video.
Authorities say an employee dismissed last month from a transportation company near Houston opened fire inside the facility, killing a former co-worker before fatally shooting himself
Vice President Biden jokes he 'anticipates' GOP frontrunner Donald Trump will add him to his presidential ticket.
In Hong Kong kerfuffle, state-run paper criticizes U.S.'s "series of tricks."
No one wants to be elected in Newsoms, Virginia.
Poll comes as Ted Cruz drops out of race.
A man who killed two women and two children is expected to be a key witness against another man who police say killed seven people in Connecticut in 2003
The voluntary recall is being made in cooperation with the FDA and CDC.
The suspect in the abduction and killing of an 11-year-old girl on the Navajo Nation is expected to make a court appearance on Wednesday
She underwent a face transplant five years ago.
Rumer Willis says those who feel the need to digitally edit her photos in an effort to improve her looks are participating in a "form of bullying."
She and husband Carl Dean are marrying again for their 50th anniversary.
The star opens up before Mother Day about why he loves his acclaimed wife.
A coalition of environmental groups is suing federal environmental regulators over their alleged failure to stop oil and gas companies from disposing of drilling waste in ways that can threaten drinking water supplies and trigger manmade earthquakes
Iowa City police are treating the assault of a black University of Iowa freshman as a possible hate crime
The U.S. Justice Department says a North Carolina law that limits protections to LGBT people violates federal civil rights laws
An investigator says the debris field of wreckage from a small plane that broke apart over Long Island is consistent with "pieces coming off while it was in flight" and not evidence of an explosion
Lawmakers and New Yorkers molested as children have rallied in Albany to lift the state's statute of limitations on suing abusers, saying the law closing the window at age 23 guarantees repeated victims
The president is expected to meet with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.
Draughts triggered by El Nino are causing severe food and water shortages.